Fusemachines AI Education Program

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Course Summary


6 Courses

(3 months per course)


Online Classes



About the Program

Fusemachines offers Foundation and Microdegree™ programs in AI for students and engineers who want to build a career in this field. Our PhDs, seasoned AI industry experts, and faculty from top universities developed the curriculum and assessments to enable industry ready AI engineers.

Foundation in AI

The Foundations in AI courses are created with the aim to enable students and engineers to build a strong AI base so as to begin their AI careers, the Foundations in AI courses by Fusemachines offer rudimentary mathematical concepts of linear algebra, calculus, statistics, and Python programming language.


Computer science for AI

Course Duration: 3 months

  • Become acquainted with the basics of computer science required for AI
  • Learn concepts such as OOP, Data Structures, and Algorithm analysis
  • Start building applications for desktop and web platforms

Mathematics for AI

Course Duration: 3 months

  • Have a sound mathematical foundation required for AI
  • Relate basic concepts of mathematics such as linear algebra, probability, and calculus to Machine Learning

Microdegree™ in AI

A Microdegree™ program for Artificial Intelligence is an accelerated blended learning program created by leading US university faculty members and AI industry experts with the aim to upskill participants with AI knowledge so they can confidently grasp further AI opportunities in the field.


Machine Learning

Course Duration: 3 months

Learn to build classification, regression, and clustering models using scikit-learn and other tools


Deep Learning

Course Duration: 3 months

Learn the mathematical basis of deep learning. You will then learn to implement concepts such as multilayer perceptrons, backpropagation, optimization methods, and neural networks into a production-grade systems.

Microdegree™ Specialization

The Microdegree™ Specialization program is an additional program consisting of courses on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. You have an option to take either the course on CV or NLP or both. The courses in this program can be accessed after the completion of the Microdegree™ in AI program.


Computer Vision

Course Duration: 3 months

This course includes in-depth exploration and discussion on various CV workflows, techniques, and methods.


Natural Language Processing

Course Duration: 3 months

This course includes in-depth exploration and discussion on various NLP types, workflows, techniques, and methods, as well as learning how to create NLP pipelines and the development and evaluation of models.


Program Outcome

  • Develop a solid understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms while simultaneously developing an extensive knowledge of the underlying maths & code

  • Hone in the ability to select and implement appropriate algorithms, libraries, frameworks, & techniques for different problems

  • Develop aptitude to expertly assess, evaluate, design, and compare the performances of different models for an end-to-end pipeline deployment

  • Be able to run experiments & improve the algorithm


These courses are not accredited.

The program is delivered in blended format, i.e. there are online contents (reading materials, videos, quizzes, notebooks) that you can watch in your own time. There are also instructor led live classes to support your learning.

Students receive an industry-recognized certificate for each AI program that they complete.

For any concerns or questions you can write to us at santodomingo@fuse.ai

Our courses are designed to start from the fundamentals of AI, no special preparation is needed to apply to them.

The process of selection includes the presentation of the CV and an interview (via Zoom or similar) with the candidate where we explain what to expect in order to begin the registration process.

Yes, candidates will be succinctly equipped with all the necessary knowledge on AI and ML subjects and topics during the course of the program, and can then apply for various AI and ML positions after completing the courses.