Foundations in Artificial Intelligence

The Fusemachines Foundations in AI is designed to enable students and engineers to begin their AI education base suitable for industry. This course provides a strong foundation in mathematical concepts of linear algebra, calculus, statistics, and Python programming language.
Foundations in AI
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Computer Science for AI
  • Become acquainted with the basics of computer science required for AI
  • Learn concepts such as OOP, Data Structures, and Algorithm analysis
  • Start building applications for desktop and web platforms
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Mathematics for AI
  • Have a sound mathematical foundation required for AI
  • Relate basic concepts of mathematics such as linear algebra, probability, and calculus to Machine Learning
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Schools running the program
AI class at Fusemachines AI Center

Fusemachines AI Center

Kathmandu, Nepal
Our AI Center in the heart of Hattisar, Kathmandu is dedicated to help the Nepali community start and advance their careers in Artificial Intelligence. Our programs even help those looking to start a career in tech, but lack a formal education or background, in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional program.
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Classes in Fusemachines AI Center

Fusemachines AI School

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Our AI School in Santo Domingo offers a blended onsite and online Artificial Intelligence program in the beautiful Chez Space, a dynamic, innovative, and self-sufficient coworking space where our students can feel at home and part of a diverse community to enrich each other.
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E-learning platform e-learning platform

The platform makes it easy for you to access course materials and other learning resources at any time and place. This includes, CodeHub, the coding platform you will use to complete course projects. You will also gain access to our student-mentor forum where you may ask questions regarding anything about the program, and mentors or other students can respond. The platform also offers exclusive web content and videos, a mobile app, and the ability to track your learning progress.
Key outcomes
from the program
  • Design, implement, test, debug, and document programs in Python
  • Understand different concepts related to Computer Science required for AI
  • Build strong programming and mathematical foundation to take advanced AI courses

Who should enroll

  • Students with basic knowledge of computer Science and Mathematics
  • Students who have completed their Intermediate level

Key features of the program

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Our proprietary coding platform allows students to work and submit their assignments online and provides access to dedicated GPU servers.

Fusemachines AI School Certificates

Students receive an industry recognized certificate for each AI program that they complete.

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