Fusemachines Announces AI Fellowship 2024 in Nepal

February 12, 2024
Invites Applicants to Benefit from Job-Ready AI Skills Delivered in a Comprehensive Program Spanning Six Months

Kathmandu, Nepal (February 12, 2024):

Fusemachines Inc., a leading provider of enterprise AI products and solutions, today announced that registration for the Fusemachines AI Fellowship 2024 - Nepal cohort is now open. The flagship program, designed by leading US university faculties and AI industry experts, offers Fusemachines’ proprietary Microdegree™ program with the goal of producing high-quality AI and data science talent.

The accelerated learning program provides advanced AI and data science expertise, along with hands-on problem solving experience. The program is curated to upskill IT students, professionals and enthusiasts with demonstrated backgrounds in programming, mathematics, computer science and software development. Applicants will undergo a multi-stage selection process, and qualifying candidates will receive full scholarships to participate in the program.

"Each year, we continue to be pleasantly surprised by the growing enthusiasm for our Fellowship program expressed by applicants from across regions,”

said Sameer Maskey, CEO and Founder of Fusemachines.

“This year, we are looking to further nurture and propel this enthusiasm by providing unmatched training and upskilling opportunities for promising careers in data science and AI. In the fast evolving landscape of AI, we are excited to be at the forefront of sculpting a community where passion meets innovation. By offering top-tier training, we are forging a future where Nepal stands as a beacon of AI excellence on the global stage."

Since its inception in 2017, the Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program has successfully trained over 800 fellows across 12 countries in frontier markets, aligning with Fusemachines' vision to democratize AI through quality AI education opportunities.

"Our AI Fellowship Program has long represented our spirit of innovation and our commitment to make AI accessible through quality training opportunities. With the growing awareness of AI's indispensable role in businesses, the urgency to cultivate a skilled workforce has never been more critical,”

said Parag Shrestha, Head of Strategy & MD- South Asia, Fusemachines.

“With industries pivoting towards AI-driven solutions, we are strategically positioned to nurture the next generation of AI pioneers, while directly creating tangible socio-economic impact in our country."

After completing the program, students will acquire a thorough understanding of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, complemented by proficiency in essential mathematical and programming principles. The program will employ weekly live online sessions with esteemed educators and industry experts, hands-on programming assignments, collaborative group projects, and supervised examinations.

Majority of the course content will be available online, with weekly live lectures and facilitated self-paced learning. The curriculum extends beyond theory, empowering participants to select and implement appropriate algorithms, libraries, frameworks, and techniques for diverse challenges in state-of-the-art computer vision, natural language processing, and generative AI technology. Students will conduct experiments to assess performance, compare models, and design end-to-end pipelines, considering various operational choices, ensuring practical and applicable skills for real-world scenarios.

For more information about the Fellowship, application/selection process and registration details, please visit

About Fusemachines

Founded in 2013, Fusemachines is a global provider of enterprise AI products and solutions on a mission to democratize AI. Leveraging proprietary AI Studio and AI Engines, the company helps drive the clients’ AI Enterprise Transformation, regardless of where they are in their Digital AI journeys. Under the leadership of chief executive officer and founder, Dr. Sameer Maskey, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, Fusemachines continues to actively pursue the mission of democratizing AI for the masses by providing high quality AI education in underserved communities and helping organizations achieve their full potential with AI. Fusemachines is headquartered in New York with operations across Asia, Canada, USA and Latin America.


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