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What is Fusemachines AI School?
Fusemachines AI School is an onsite school for world-class training in Artificial Intelligence. The classes are run by industry experts and trained by Fusemachines. The school uses Fusemachines’ proprietary platform and learning tools.
What is the Fusemachines AI School’s online learning platform?
The Fusemachines AI School’s online learning platform ( is an online platform that provides access to course material and other learning resources at any time and place, including Codehub, the coding platform used to complete course projects. Fusemachines AI School will also contain a mentor forum for students to ask questions.
Is Fusemachines AI School an accredited educational institution?
No. Fusemachines AI School is a private online and on-site education provider that is not accredited and does not confer any degrees.
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