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Sameer Maskey
Founder and CEO
Adj. Assoc Professor, Columbia University
PhD, Columbia University
Bulent Uyaniker
Director of Academic Affairs
Former faculty of Univ. of British Columbia
PhD, Max Planck Institute/Bonn University
Manuel Diaz
Lead Instructor
Assistant Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana
PhD in Computational Mechanics, Cornell University
Francisco Juretig
Principle Data Scientist, Investec
Msc Mathematical Statistics, University of Buenos Aires
Students in AI foundation course

Foundations in Artificial Intelligence

The Fusemachines Foundations in AI is designed to enable students and engineers to begin their AI education base suitable for industry.

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Courses in the program
Computer Science for AI

Computer Science for AI

Become acquainted with the basic of computer science required for AI.
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  • 1. Introduction to the Course
  • 2. Basics of Computer Systems
  • 3. Introduction to Python Programming
  • 4. Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis
  • 5. Database
  • 6. Building Applications
Mathematics for AI

Mathematics for AI

Relate basic concepts of mathematics such as linear algebra, probability, and calculus to Machine Learning.
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  • 1. Introduction to the Course
  • 2. Linear Algebra
  • 3. Calculus and Optimisation
  • 4. Probability and Statistics
  • 5. Information Theory
  • 6. Numerical Computation
AI Microdegree classes

MicrodegreeTM in Artificial Intelligence

A MicrodegreeTM program for Artificial Intelligence is an accelerated learning program in Artificial Intelligence. The MicrodegreeTM program is created by the leading US university faculty members and AI industry experts.

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Courses in the program
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Students will be able to rapidly prototype and train Machine Learning Models using the latest ML algorithms and tools.
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  • 1. Introduction to the Course
  • 2. Sklearn Building Blocks
  • 3. Supervised Machine Learning
  • 4. Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • 5. Time Series Analysis
  • 6. Computer Vision with OpenCV
  • 7. Reinforcement Learning
Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Learn to implement concepts such as multilayer perceptrons, backpropagation, optimization methods, and neural networks into a production-grade system.
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  • 1. Introduction to the Course
  • 2. Introduction to Deep Learning
  • 3. Components of Deep Learning
  • 4. Convolutional Neural Network
  • 5. Recurrent Neural Networks
  • 6. Attention and Neural Computers
  • 7. Generative Modules
  • 8. Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • 9. DL in Production
  • 10. Deep Learning Applications

MicrodegreeTM Specialization

The Fusemachines’ MicrodegreeTM Specialization is an in-depth learning courses in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. The courses are specifically designed to upskill an AI engineer. Engineers can choose to specialized in one or both the courses and will get certifications upon the successful completion.

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AI special classes.
Courses in the program
Microdegree<sup>TM</sup> Specialization in Computer Vision

MicrodegreeTM Specialization in Computer Vision

Learn computer vision concepts such as image processing, feature detection, image classification, and object recognition.
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  • 1. Introduction to Computer Vision
  • 2. Image Processing and Feature Detection
  • 3. Image Classification and Object Recognition
  • 4. Segmentation
  • 5. 3D Vision
  • 6. Motion and Video
  • 7. Generating Synthetic Images
  • 8. Scene Understanding and Image Retrieval
  • 9. Computer Vision Applications
Microdegree<sup>TM</sup> Specialization in Natural Language Processing

MicrodegreeTM Specialization in Natural Language Processing

Learn concepts such as text normalization, classification, and clustering; language modeling, parsing, and information extraction; and machine translation.
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  • 1. Introduction to the Course
  • 2. Fundamentals of NLP
  • 3. Language Models
  • 4. Markov Models
  • 5. Syntax and Parsing
  • 6. Semantic Role Labelling
  • 7. Semantics
  • 8. Information Extraction
  • 9. Machine Translation
  • 10. Neural Network based NLP
  • 11. Reinforcement Learning for NLP
  • 12. Applications
Schools running our program
Classes in Fusemachines AI Center

Fusemachines AI Center

Kathmandu, Nepal
If you want to start a career in tech, but lack the formal education or background, we’ll get you there in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional program.
Available Program
  • Foundations in Artificial Intelligence
  • MicrodegreeTM in Artificial Intelligence
Fusemachines AI School in Santo Domingo

Fusemachines AI School

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Our Fusemachines AI school allows you to build a career in tech for half the time and cost of enrolling in a typical program.
Available Program
  • Foundations in Artificial Intelligence
  • MicrodegreeTM in Artificial Intelligence

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